1915 Columbia 25 Grafonola
The Columbia Phonograph Company introduced the Model "25" in 1915 at a cost of $25. Featuring a two-spring motor and a quality mahogany or quartersawn oak cabinet, this model was a popular machine for Columbia. This particular Grafonola, in oak, is in wonderful condition and performs as it did when new!
The beautiful golden oak cabinet of this Columbia maintains its original factory finish. It has been recently cleaned and polished, ready for displaying in any home or office.
This machine is 100% original, including the green turntable felt. The motor has recently gone through a complete, professional restoration. Both springs in the motor were removed and re-greased, and all parts were adjusted.
Grafonola with front louvers opened for volume control. The knob located on the right side of the cabinet can be turned for adjusting the volume. Columbia phonographs are well-known for these volume louver's, as it was their response to Victor's rigidly-patented front doors.
Tonearm and Columbia Reproducer. Absolutely no pot-metal damage, as is typically encounted with these parts. Notice the fantastic nickel plating!
Pristine, original Columbia Music Note Decal, located on the left panel of this Grafonola.
Included with the sale of this Columbia is a handful of period 78s and a supply of new steel needles, so you can begin enjoying it right out of the box.
If you're short on space and looking for a quality machine, this Grafonola would suit your needs for sure!
Price: $395