JAS Antiques performs many restoration services for antique phonographs, including reproducer rebuilding, motor cleaning and lubrication, and general cabinet restoration. Please contact us with details of the restoration work you need performed.
Some work we have completed in the past:
Gold Plated Victor Exhibition Reproducer, prior to restoration.
Gold Plating was carefully cleaned and polished, and new gaskets were installed.

Standard Disc Phonograph, as discovered neglected for years in a barn in rural Ohio.
The phonograph was professionally cleaned and restored, preserving the original finish and all hardware. The reproducer was rebuilt with fresh gaskets and the motor was fully cleaned to perform flawlessly.

Victor 2-Spring Motor, as found with caked on grease and a broken spring.
The motor was entirely cleaned and adjusted, and a new main spring was installed. The governor was tweaked as well, and the motor runs as good as new.