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JAS Antiques is dedicated to the restoration and sale of vintage wind-up phonographs and talking machines. Dating from the late 1800s and first several decades of the 1900s, these machines are an amazement to both see and hear today. Some of the prominent manufacturers included Edison, Victor Victrola, Columbia Graphophone and Grafonola, and Brunswick, as well as a multitude of smaller, independent firms.

Are you looking to add a phonograph to your collection, or desire to have one to enjoy in your home or office? Then check out the machines we currently have available in the SALES section. We offer machines that play either cylinder or disc records. If you are looking for a particular machine, let us know, and we will keep you in mind should it come along.

Need your phonograph repaired? JAS Antiques offers restoration services, both of the mechanisms and cabinetry of cylinder and disc phonographs. Please visit the RESTORATION section for information.

JAS Antiques also purchases phonographs. If you are selling a phonograph, please CONTACT US with information on the machine, and we will let you know if it is of interest to us.

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