1906 Columbia BK Graphophone
Columbia introduced the very popular Model BK Graphophone in 1906, advertising it as the "Jewel". A fairly modest machine, it featured a quality oak cabinet with two spring motor and the famous Columbia Lyric Reproducer, capable of playing two-minute cylinders.
This BK is in very nice condition. The oak cabinet retains its original finish, which has been recently polished and cleaned to remove years of dirt and dust.
The original Columbia Lyric Reproducer has been rebuilt with fresh gaskets, so it sounds fine!
Top view of bedplate and upperworks.
The original motor and mechanics have been oiled and adjusted to work flawlessly.
Rear side of cabinet.
Original decal on front of cabinet, showing only light signs of wear over the past 100+ years.
Included with this Graphophone is a quality replica 14 inch brass bell horn and one two-minute cylinder.
All in all, a nice Columbia Graphophone!
Price: $625